Born in Dortmund, Germany. Nils first started taking photos at the early age of 11 years. Influenced by his father who took travel photos from all around the globe and his sister, a successful artist specializing in fine-art photography, Nils was always surrounded and fascinated by photography as a medium to tell stories and express emotions. Nils' fashion work uses a minimalist aesthetic and is usually inspired by a single emotion.

After completing his Master's in Business Administration, Nils traveled the world and shot campaigns in Amsterdam, Singapore, London, New York, and Los Angeles. Nils currently resides in Toronto, Canada, but still has a lot of his clients in L.A. and NYC.

Nils regularly gives workshops on core photography principles, lighting techniques, retouching and other photography educational topics for up and coming photographers. Besides his fashion photography work, he also runs a successful headshot photography business.